Episode 20

June 18, 2019

Sewerage Awareness Officers


1:00 Mysterious white powder 

4:30 Long term relationships 

6:30 Interlock update 

10:00 Swanny in work-wear 

12:00 Influencers update

16:00 Twitter quinella

20:30 Gill Cummings 

24:00 Sewerage Awareness Officers

26:30 Kellen's issues

30:00 Pretend Sultan 

33:00 Saints and Sinners Ball

36:00 Ballarat tourism 

38:00 Dirty google

41:00 Hole punch or pinch?

47:00 How to improve our rankings 

52:00 Social feedback

1:03.00 Swanny's tips


rhiannyn douglas

- June 24, 2019

The segment on Love etc was absolutely disgusting. To see grown, 40 whatever year old men ridiculing and laughing at the success of two brilliant young women is so dissapointing and archaeic. We aren't in the stone ages. As women our interests are not any less legitimate than your interest in sport and sex. The women behind Love Etc deserve an apology.


- June 24, 2019

This is such trash. Surely you realise that all you have done here is prove WHY the Shameless/Love etc girls have been SO successful? Maybe you don’t, maybe we can’t expect that level of awareness from crusty old men combining such a stunning combination of disgusting ignorance and insecurity as you exhibit here. You sound like confused, doddering idiots trying desperately to understand a whole HALF of the population that you clearly never have and probably never will.

It’s 2019, get with the times or gtfo.

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Sewerage Awareness Officers

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